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Free of charge, non-binding information conversation

If you are not sure whether you are right with your request or if you have any other questions, I will gladly call you free of charge and without obligation. 

Holistic first anamnesis

The first medical history takes about 1.5 hours and includes a detailed conversation and a symptom-related examination including Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis. In some cases, acupuncture is performed on the first appointment. Following the case admission, an individual therapy concept is drawn up on the basis of holistic and conventional medical diagnostics, which may include individual recipes, exercises or nutritional recommendations. The fee for the first anamnesis is based on the GOÄ and amounts to 240€ (40€ per started quarter of an hour).

First appointment birth preparation

The first appointment for antenatal acupuncture for healthy pregnant women takes about 60 minutes and costs 160€. This appointment usually already includes a first acupuncture treatment. Classical pregnancy complaints such as pain in the lower back are also treated.

Acupuncture appointments

In addition to the acupuncture treatment, an acupuncture appointment includes a short follow-up, the classic pulse and tongue diagnosis and often also heat applications. If necessary, an adjustment of the therapy plan or the issuing of prescriptions is also carried out. Most patients are very relaxed and a little tired after acupuncture, so it is advisable to take a break after acupuncture. An acupuncture appointment takes about 45 minutes and costs 120€.

Subsequent dates

The costs for follow-up appointments are based on the time required. My fee is 40€ per quarter of an hour or part thereof. This applies to treatments in the practice, consultations by phone, email, Skype etc. Or for the preparation of reports or expert opinions or similar. For home visits there are corresponding surcharges. Experience shows that follow-up appointments in the practice last 45-75 minutes.


My fees are basically based on the German scale of fees for physicians (GOÄ), but in some cases they deviate from it. The GOÄ is not binding as a basis for billing. According to §2 GOÄ, an individual fee agreement can be made between doctor and patient.
On this basis, a fee of 40€ per quarter of an hour or part thereof results, this applies to treatments in the practice, consultations by telephone, email, Skype etc. Or for the preparation of reports or expert opinions or similar. For home visits there are corresponding surcharges. 
On the invoices you will then find the numbers, the factor by which a service is multiplied, the respective individual amounts and the total fee. Invoices are due with the service rendered and are to be paid in full by the specified payment date at the latest.

Delay and missed appointments

Appointments are agreed for a specific date, time and duration and are considered binding. In case of delays the whole appointment will still be charged. For appointments that are not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, a cancellation fee of 75% of the actual fee is due.

Note for patients with private or additional insurance as well as persons entitled to benefits (civil servants)

Please note that many insurance/assistance policies have very different rates, refund very different amounts and some numbers may not refund at all. I cannot make any statement as to whether or to what extent your insurance/assistance will refund an invoice. Please be sure to check with your insurance/benefit provider before the treatment to see what will be reimbursed and what will not be reimbursed. Please note that I cannot base an invoice on the reimbursement behavior of your insurance/assistance.

Irrespective of the reimbursement behavior of your insurance company, every invoice must always be paid in full by the payment deadline (and not only when you have received the money from your insurance company) or first medical history and acute treatment for new patients at the end of treatment. For payment reminders and overdue notices a 5€ handling fee per letter will be charged.

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